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Product release center

At IQGeo we are listening to the needs of our customers and constantly enhancing our products. This product release center contains a summary of enhancement highlights from our most recent products releases.


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Current releases 

Network Manager Telecom 3.0

Expands management beyond fiber

  1. Coaxial and copper network support - Enables telecom organization to replace their legacy system of record and simplify their system landscape.
  2. Line of count support - Now includes copper and coax.
  3. More detailed views - Users can quickly see cable-to-equipment relationships.

Network Manager Electric 2.3

Reduces time on workflows

  1. Digital field design staking - Users can quickly stake new lines and structures.
  2. Better construction reporting - Includes auto-generated Point & Span labels and an enhanced BOM.
  3. Enhanced modeling - Users can easily model tracing enhancements and loop handling, as well as parent-child equipment bank relationships.

Platform 7.1

Efficiencies across the lifecycle

  1. Usage menu - Shows who has been using the product and improves reporting.
  2. Labeling enhancements - Provides configurations without custom code.
  3. Better usability and editing - Improves Comsof Fiber workflows understanding of network connectivity and topology when interacting with the hierarchical model.

Workflow Manager 3.0

More efficient workflows

  1. Device performance improvements - Streamlines the number of tickets users see during use cases such as mobile construction ticket management or project tracking.
  2. Operational data sync enhancements - Reduces download and processing times for tickets with picture and video attachments.

Network Revenue Optimizer 1.3

Improved efficiency and usability

  1. Improved cost area usability - Reduced time and effort by adding costs of overlapping areas.
  2. Daisy chaining to multiple tie points - Automatic routing to multiple tie points eliminates the need to split estimates.
  3. UX improvements - Better recalculation handling, improved KML/KMZ exports, and faster management of disabled route options.

Comsof Fiber 23.2

Optimized design workflows

  1. Closer integration with Network Manager - Better integration of auto-design data based on customer feedback.
  2. Support for directional drilling - Improved design quality by automatically accommodating specific horizontal directional drilling.
  3. Alternative clustering algorithm - A new algorithm groups points in a more logical fashion based on which clusters are closest to each other.

Network Manager Electric 2.2

Enhanced design speed and efficiency

  1. Electric assemblies - Designers have pre-defined structures with configurable equipment and connectivity.
  2. Assignable design palettes - Configurable, unique palettes for individual scenarios.
  3. Geometric-style offset geometries - Improved understanding of network connectivity and topology when interacting with the hierarchical model.

Workflow Manager 2.2

Streamlined tasks and improved data

  1. Nested ticketing - Users can create sub-tickets that tie back to the project's primary tickets to better manage actionable tasks.
  2. Construction Management template - We reduced time to market for new construction with an out-of-the-box configured template.
  3. Operational data sync - We improved the Anywhere sync performance for high transactional data such as outage tickets.

Platform 7.0

Improved security and additional upgrades

  1. Security updates - The SQLite database used on devices running Anywhere is now encrypted at rest.
  2. Technology upgrades - We have upgraded the underlying libraries (Python, Open Layers, node.js) to maintain secure deployments.
  3. Deployment changes - We have simplified and accelerated system deployments with the adoption of containerized deployments.

Inspection & Survey 5.2

Ticket and shift functionality

  1. Assign existing features to a new ticket - Users can select features on a map, such as cables or poles, and create a ticket that includes the geometries of those features.
  2. Create tickets from the field - Field Techs can now create tickets, start and end their shifts, and filter by ticket type. 
  3. Improved shift management - Through a new Admin Interface, users can quickly edit shifts, add and remove users, and generate status reports.

Network Manager Gas 1.1

Design and situational awareness improvements

  1. Compatible units management – User can associate materials and labor to any feature in a design.
  2. Situational awareness enhancement– Increased the types of leak scenarios the valve isolation tool can triage.
  3. Design usability improvements – Admins can assign design to specific user groups and make tools more accessible.

Network Manager Telecom 2.6

Comsof Fiber integration and more

  1. Comsof Fiber integration - Network Manager has been updated to include a built-in integration of automated planning and design.
  2. Path Finder tool - Users can now find automatically identify available paths from user-defined start and end locations.
  3. UX enhancements - It's now easier to add aerial and underground structures to the map as well as easier to distinguish new or existing spliced fibers.

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