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Comsof Fiber

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

The leading automated fiber planning and design software for telecom operators and engineering firms who want to quickly and cost-effectively scale their fiber-optic networks. 

What is Comsof Fiber?

Comsof Fiber is a GIS-based design automation software that helps users plan and design their FTTx networks faster and better. Typically, our clients use our software to build a better FTTx business case and select the deployment areas. Then, they will leverage the power of Comsof Fiber to create the FTTx designs that will be used to build their network. 

Is Comsof Fiber an inventory tool?

No. Comsof Fiber is an FTTx planning and design software. An inventory management software primarily stores information such as company network assets in a GIS-based repository. Both tools are an essential part of an optimized FTTH deployment process. 

Comsof works with many partners who offer inventory management solutions and Comsof can easily integrate with inventory tools to drastically improve your network deployment process. Contact us to find out how. 

Can I have a trial version of the software?

At IQGeo we don’t just sell you software, we are committed to your success. Because FTTx network deployments are unique and contextual, it is important that our technical experts learn more about your specific needs before you use our software. Contact us to speak to a member of our team about your business needs.

Will Comsof Fiber have all the functionalities I need?

There is no one-size-fits-all FTTx network design software. You need to consider things such as existing infrastructure, budget, competitive landscape, and many more elements that can impact your technical decisions. 
Thanks to years of experience in more than 50 countries, our software can cover most scenarios. Do you have a specific way of planning and designing your network? Our experts can customize the software to fit those specific needs. Contact us to find out more.

Does Comsof Fiber provide the GIS input data?

GIS input data such as street centrelines, homes, and existing infrastructure are an important part of the success of your designs. IQGeo can provide you with ideas on how to source this data based on our years of experience. Talk to one of our team members who will be happy to get you on the right track. 

How long does it take to fully operate Comsof Fiber?

Because our main objective is your success, IQGeo goes all out to ensure you are fully operational as fast as possible. We create a comprehensive software delivery plan that gets you up and running in no time. Contact us to speak to a member of our team about your business needs.

I have seen automated software before, but I wasn't convinced. How is Comsof Fiber different?

IQGeo has been developing software for over 30 years with clients from around the world. Our experts will sit with you and listen to your needs. Our software can design almost infinite (keep this part until “customizable to your needs). Our track record speaks for itself. Our software has been used to design over 150 million homes. See what our clients say. 

Why do I need automation design software?

Manually planning and designing FTTx networks is an error-prone, labour-intensive task. It’s a challenge to ensure a high level of productivity when designing networks and maintaining a high level of quality. When using Comsof Fiber, you create a unified platform for all designers which directly improves productivity and quality.  
Comsof Fiber also improves other parts of your process. You will be able to see which areas should have a fiber deployment first based on your business case parameters. You can also use the detailed bill-of-material to order your supplies faster and even send out tenders to construction partners.

Comsof Fiber has a high degree of flexibility thanks to the rules configurator, which can help you compare different topologies and see the impact it has on cost. You can also run different routing options and find out which is more cost effective, make design changes quickly based on field survey information, and much more! 

Request a free demo to see Comsof Fiber in action. 

Does Comsof Fiber only work for greenfield deployments?

Absolutely not! Comsof Fiber is a powerful tool that can utilize existing networks and infrastructure, so it can be used for both greenfield and brownfield deployments. 

Which platforms does Comsof Fiber work with?

Comsof Fiber is a flexible tool that can integrate into any eco-system. It can be used as a stand-alone software or as part of a comprehensive solution, Comsof Fiber works with 3rd party integrations including inventory tools such a Network Manager Telecom. To find out more about Comsof Fiber integration capabilities with your existing software, contact us to speak to one of our technical team members. 

Is Comsof Fiber only used for FTTH?

No. Comsof Fiber can optimize your network regardless of the type of fibre. For example, use Comsof Fiber to optimize your designs for an area where you will connect single dwelling units, multi-dwelling units, commercial buildings like banks, schools, hospitals, and 5G sites. If you need fiber to be connected to a network, Comsof Fiber can design it! 

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