IQGeo development environment

IQGeo provides the industry’s best geospatial development capabilities for network infrastructure companies, using one common environment to implement applications that work in any modern web browser and on any mobile device, online or offline.

One development environment for any device, anywhere

Low code configuration and advanced software development capabilities

Open ecosystem focused on integration

Unlike legacy GIS, the IQGeo Platform has a mobile-first approach with a common development environment that lets you quickly build and deploy applications for both office and field requirements. The IQGeo Platform overcomes many difficult technical problems, including complex network modeling, enterprise scale offline data sync, active version management for handling the planning and design process, and excellent performance for thousands of users. This means that you can focus your efforts on optimizing your specific operational processes to deliver greater business success.




One development environment for any device, anywhere

The IQGeo development environment leverages Apache Cordova to package and run applications locally on Android, iOS and Windows devices, and with any modern web browser. The application is responsive, adapting to tablet, phone, and laptop form factors. The IQGeo Platform manages the distribution of configuration and data model changes and code updates to mobile devices whenever a data sync is done, automatically keeping all users up to date. IQGeo applications can be deployed on premise or in the cloud.

Low code configuration environment

The IQGeo low code configuration environment is simple to use, allowing you to modify many aspects of the system without coding. This includes applications, users, groups, data model and feature behavior, searches, map layers, network, offline extract definitions, and more. All configuration information can be exported to files and re-imported, making it easy to move between systems (e.g. from development to test and onto production), and enabling you to change configuration information programmatically if needed.

Advanced software development capabilities

For more advanced enterprise applications you have access to a full software development environment. The IQGeo Platform uses JavaScript, HTML and CSS to extend the system in a very powerful and flexible way, while ensuring that customizations are supportable and upgradeable. The Platform has a well-documented API, and customizations plug in as modules to keep custom code separate from product code.

Open ecosystem focused on integration

The IQGeo Platform is designed to be open and integrate well with geospatial and non-geospatial systems from other vendors. IQGeo complements GIS deployments from Esri, GE Smallworld and others, letting you choose which capabilities you deliver from which system, rather than locking you in to a single vendor approach.

IQGeo has reimagined how geospatial applications should be developed and deployed for network operators. Legacy GIS companies remain primarily focused on the desktop, with mobile applications a second-class citizen. By contrast, IQGeo believes that having a common development environment focused on web and mobile applications is essential to be competitive in today’s rapidly changing business and technology landscape.

The open architecture of the IQGeo Platform supports a range of integration capabilities for different deployment scenarios, including database level integration, REST APIs, JavaScript APIs, and embeddable applications. The Platform’s extensive use of open source components such as OpenLayers, GeoServer, PostGIS and SpatiaLite provide compatibility for other relevant open source (and closed source) software components and applications.

The mobile-first IQGeo Platform with its open and flexible development environment has a proven track record with some of the largest and smallest telecoms and utility operators around the world.

White paper

Considerations for IT and Dev Ops departments

This white paper provides an overview of how the IQGeo Platform is architected to address five of the most common challenges for IT and Dev Ops teams.

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Unlock network value inside salesforce


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