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Streamlining planning and construction processes for rural fiber deployments

Bridging the digital divide in rural England.


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By using IQGeo, this has allowed us to actually monitor the build progress from our office as a live system so all our changes are updated in real-time. Job packs are now created from IQGeo which means no more paper and we can easily generate reports of the fiber build as its fully auditable.

Gareth Carter, Commercial Director, Alncom


Alncom was in need of advanced technology to enhance their fiber deployment efforts, spanning from design to construction, in order to bridge the digital gap between urban and underserved rural areas in North East England. They required a mobile solution that would streamline and digitize their fiber planning and construction processes, while providing support to their engineers both in the field and in the office. With a unified dashboard for real-time updates on network build, this would help expedite their build processes to achieve their ambitious fiber rollout goals in a challenging rural environment.



Alncom benefits from the seamless communication and coordination facilitated by IQGeo's fiber network management software, empowering their field and office staff to effortlessly collaborate and access real-time data. This enables them to design networks swiftly and accurately, ensuring that their field engineers consistently deliver reliable and efficient service, regardless of the challenges they may face and enabling them to connect homes and businesses with a single site visit.

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Webinar: Conquering the rural broadband challenge

Garther Carter, Commercial Director at Alncom shares how they have developed an incredibly efficient fiber planning and rollout model with the deployment of IQGeo’s fiber network management software.


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