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Bell Mobility, Canada

Saving thousands of man-hours from digitizing manual processes

Terence Saar, Senior Advisor, Business Process, Bell Mobility, Canada


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If the IQGeo software for some reason went away, we would redact to an entirely manual state of business where every document, transaction, and process step would be a manual handoff or manual form.

Terence Saar, Senior Advisor, Business Process, Bell Mobility, Canada


Bell Canada wanted a solution that could cover their real estate services, co-location services, engineering, and construction, as well as inspection and maintenance programs. They wanted the software to provide field usability and eliminate manual processes across all these use cases. 


Accelerating time to market, cutting construction costs, improving data quality, and meeting audit compliance obligations are business critical areas where IQGeo is helping Bell Mobility. Using mobile tablets, field crews now have access to fully automated workflow processes that are managing more than 31,000 jobs that have reduced 10,000 man hours in manual processes, saving over $1M.

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