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Real-time project visibility with mobility and offline use

Craig Krammes, Director for IT Engineering Systems, Brightspeed


Key statistics


$2 billion

network transformation plans


6 million

homes and businesses served



states in operation across the US

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IQGeo is helping us with KPI’s for fiber deployment. So, the upfront design takes much, much less time using IQGeo automated process. The other thing it helps us with is the end-to-end integrations, you go from the design phase into a field survey and then into construction.

Craig Krammes, Director for IT Engineering Systems, Brightspeed


Brightspeed needed an integrated fiber network management solution that supports their entire operational lifecycle. Their requirements include fiber planning and network design, as well as transitioning the designs into construction tickets for contractors.


Brightspeed has saved significant time by automating the fiber design process, while also gaining real-time visibility for ticket progress. Engineers and construction vendors alike have reported high usage and satisfaction of IQGeo in the office and the field.

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Brightspeed CHAIN Magazine interview

Brightspeed interview with CHAIN Magazine

Brightspeed COO Tom Maquire, and procurement and supply chain VP Brenda Rapp share the secret to Brightspeed fiber deployment success


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