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Central Service Association

Comprehensive field design with real-time data updates and tracking

Charles Huddleston, Senior VP of Engineering, Central Service Association

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We decided to partner with IQGeo because of the usability of it and the ease of use. We call it mobile mapping and more because they do much more with the solution than just locate their equipment or where their network is.

Charles Huddleston, Senior VP of Engineering, Central Service Association


Central Service Association offers a suite of utility solutions that provide IT services, customer billing, financials, GIS, and meter and network management. They wanted a mobile solution to use across their product suite that could also do more than simply locating the network and equipment in the traditional way of a GIS.


CSA has found that IQGeo provides a single, easy-to-use interface for mobile mapping as well as updating data from the field and immediately posting it to their system of record. They’ve also appreciated real-time field tracking for contractors.

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