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Electric and gas utility

Reducing operational risks and costs with a trusted geospatial network view

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Gas & electric

utility in North America



square miles of service territory



in urban and rural areas

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Teams across the organization now depend on IQGeo to provide a trusted view of their distributed assets and situational awareness, reducing operational costs and risks while improving productivity.


The goal was to make spatial and associated data from different, often incompatible systems accessible to all users, not just the GIS team. Improve planning decisions by giving users insight into intelligent data from across business units and source systems.


The most significant benefit was improved integration of the new merged business units. All GIS asset data is exposed through a single tool to designers and asset engineers. Within five months of the initial IQGeo deployment there were more than 5,000 users. This has since grown to 15,000 named users.

 Electric and gas utility customer case study

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Read how this large utility has reduced operational costs and risks while improving productivity.


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From staking and design to asset inspections: digitalizing network model workflows.


See how digitization transforms common workflows, from design to construction to maintenance, helping you effortlessly manage your network model in one central platform, regardless of your GIS.

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