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Groningen City

Optimizing district heating networks

Henk-Jan Falkena, Project Planner and Technical Engineer for the 050 Buurtwarmte initiatvie

IQGeo and Groningen City 050 Buurtwarmte initiative customer case study

Key statistics

Groningen City and IQGeo customer story


to be gas-free by 2035

Groningen City and IQGeo customer story


initiative called 050 Buurtwarmte

Syntraal and IQGeo customer story

Pilot project

comprising of 500 houses

Groningen City and IQGeo customer story

The technical support engineers were one of the main reasons why we decided to purchase this software. The personal approach, the willingness to understand our issues, and the quick feedback are refreshing.

Henk-Jan Falkena, Project Planner and Technical Engineer for the 050 Buurtwarmte initiatvie


050 Buurtwarmte needed to build knowledge and optimize district heating networks for their community-based initiative in Groningen. This was their first project, and they aimed to reduce gas dependency, promote community ownership, and invest in sustainable energy sources like geothermal heat storage, solar panels, and heat pumps. To support the planning and design processes, they sought software that could provide insights into network performance and costs. 


IQGeo’s Comsof Heat software proved to be a valuable tool for 050 Buurtwarmte, offering fast execution of complex calculations and detailed technical information. The software's training and support from our engineers were highly beneficial in understanding its capabilities and utilizing it effectively. The personal approach and quick feedback from the technical support engineers played a significant role in their decision to choose Comsof Heat. Additionally, the software's visual output, which could be exported to platforms like Google Earth, helped in engaging the local community and illustrating the network's appearance. 

In August 2022, IQGeo announced the acquisition of Comsof. Read the article in full on our news page

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