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Strengthens district heating networks for 7 municipalities

Eline van den Ende, Advisor Heat Transition at HVC and Joey Reedijk, Program manager of Energy transition at the municipality of Dordrecht

IQGeo and HVC customer case study

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HVC and IQGeo customer story


energy and waste company

HVC and IQGeo customer story



HVC and IQGeo customer story


in 1991

HVC and IQGeo customer story

Comsof Heat offers us the opportunity to discuss in full transparency what is or could be feasible.

Joey Reedijk, Program Manager of Energy Transition at the municipality of Dordrecht


HVC, with a focus on sustainable energy and waste management, needed a tool to explore and develop district heating network opportunities in the Drechtsteden region. They required insights into different choices and conditions for the heat transition, including local needs, to accelerate the development of heating networks. The software needed to simplify discussions, enable collaborative decision-making, quickly calculate various planning and routing scenarios, estimate financial and urban impacts, and visualize plans for stakehold


IQGeo’s Comsof Heat software proved invaluable to HVC, simplifying discussions with detailed heat maps, network planning, and fast calculations. It supported scenario analyses and visualization, aiding discussions with authorities and residents. HVC plans to expand its use of Comsof Heat for district heating network plans in Dutch municipalities.

In August 2022, IQGeo announced the acquisition of Comsof. Read the article in full on our news page

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