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Organized documentation, efficient troubleshooting, and business development

Adam Meloy, OSP Specialist, Involta 


IQGeo and Involta customer story

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You don’t have to drive the whole route...you can go directly to the location.

Adam Meloy, OSP Specialist, Involta


Involta was looking for a single source of network documentation truth, which made current network data accessible across the organization. The solution had to enable them to manage multiple networks across different geographies. 



With IQGeo, Involta field techs have a single source of truth that accurately represents the current state of any network. Recording changes is much easier, as engineers don’t have to redraw maps or edit spreadsheets manually. Instead, they can make updates in IQGeo, which is accessible to anyone in the organization with the appropriate permissions. 


IQGeo EMEA Meetup

June 3-4, 2024 | Cambridge, UK

Returning for its third year, the Meetup offers a valuable platform for industry professionals to participate in discussions on current trends, challenges and share best practices. 


The two-day program is specifically designed to equip fiber, telecom, and utility network operators with the essential tools and strategies needed to plan, build and maintain the networks of tomorrow.

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