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MDU Resources

Aligning corrosion processes and procedures

Lance Elroy, Director of Operational Systems and Process Improvement, MDU Resources

IQGeo and MDU customer case study

Key statistics

IQGeo and MDU customer case study

1 million

gas customers

IQGeo and MDU customer case study

170, 000

electric customers

IQGeo and MDU customer case study


square miles service area

This video is a 12 minute project overview originally presented at IQGeo's Virtual Meetup.
IQGeo and MDU customer case study

It’s really been a very good joint project that we've worked on together. They've [IQGeo] really understood and helped us design this system to meet the very, very specific requirements of the corrosion department.

Brent Arnold, MDU Resources Group


In the past, MDU operated three different corrosion inspection procedures across their gas network in eight states, creating internal complexities and inefficiencies for their Integrity Management team. The goal was to establish a single shared process that supported field data collection that is fully integrated with their Maximo Preventative Maintenance environment.


Using IQGeo’s Inspection & Survey software MDU created a single, easy-to-use corrosion inspection solution for field teams using tablets and mobile phones. Using dynamic forms, inspection teams have all the information they need about specific jobs and can collect and document the inspection process and results. Inspection details are accurately and automatically fed back into Maximo for analysis and to assess if additional inspections are required.

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