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NetPMD Design and Integration

End-to-end network design and management

 Patrik  Lowenborg, Vice President, Client Solutions, NetPMD

NetPMD Design & Integration

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Using IQGeo, we can see that we can be helped in all stages of the design process, whether that’s high-level design into low-level design, construction packs or permitting.

Patrik Lowenborg, Vice President, Client Solutions, NetPMD


NetPMD Design and Integration were looking for a software solution partner that would allow them to offer clients a complete end-to-end fiber management solution. They needed a fully digital fiber platform, providing a single solution that also documented what was installed. NETPMD is focused on helping operators move from legacy processes to a future-proof automated solution that supports the entire lifecycle.


NetPMD found that IQGeo’s Comsof fiber automated design software accelerated their design capability without compromising quality. The integrated platform within IQGeo Network Manager also reduces complexity and risk moving from design to construction. The ability to give enhanced visibility of the as-built fiber network ensures confidence of delivering better customer care, helping the NETPMD team create a holistically network experience for their clients. 

Value proposition

NetPMD Design and Integration excel as global fiber network specialists, linking homes and businesses for digital prosperity. Their proven expertise in early-stage feasibility, comprehensive permit-ready fiber designs, and seamless integration services set them apart. From dark fiber supply to data centre provisioning, street cabinet installation, including network hardware supply and integration, they drive customer success. NETPMD prioritizes quality without compromising cost-effectiveness, accelerating construction to connecting customers. Learn more >>>

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