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Pilot Fiber

Decreasing emergency response time

Paul Custodio, Building Technology Engineer, Pilot Fiber 


IQGeo and Pilot Fiber customer case study

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I can’t even imagine how much more complicated the engineering would have been. IQGeo made it really easy to not have to worry about the tool you’re using was a real relief in this emergency situation.

Paul Custodio, Building Technology Engineer, Pilot Fiber


Pilot Fiber believes strongly in maintaining high network uptime and fast resolution of faults. They wanted a tool that could quickly diagnose any damage to assets and translate these into resolution work orders. 



When Pilot Fiber learned that 11 business customers had lost service, they used IQGeo to plug ODTR traces in to find faults, gain comprehensive network visibility to determine the best path for rerouting, and then generate work orders for field techs. Despite substantial damage from a fire, they restored service to everyone affected in less than 72 hours. 

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