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Discover how Proximus achieved their ambitions deployment goals faster and cheaper than manual FTTH network design

Geert Bruylandt, Domain Manager – Fibre Network Program, Proximus
IQGeo and Proximus customer case study

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Proximus and IQGeo customer story


company in Belgium

Bonfire Fiber and IQGeo customer story


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Bonfire Fiber and IQGeo customer story

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Proximus and IQGeo customer story

For us, IQGeo is really a partner. They know us very well, they know what we want and they can think with us. We use the Comsof Fiber tool on a daily basis, and it just does what we want it to do.

Geert Bruylandt, Domain Manager – Fibre Network Program, Proximus


To successfully undertake a nationwide FTTH rollout, Proximus faced several critical requirements. They needed to maintain firm control over network quality and consistency, avoiding the ad hoc decision-making approach previously employed with copper wire deployments. They also sought to establish region-specific FTTH standards within Belgium. 


The partnership with IQGeo enabled Proximus to adopt a flexible and agile approach to network deployment, making them more responsive to changes and new demands. They've made significant progress in enhancing FTTH brownfield deployment, moving closer to their goal of expanding fiber network coverage in Belgium. 

In August 2022, IQGeo announced the acquisition of Comsof. Read the article in full on our news page


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