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Rotterdam City

Designing district heating networks with Comsof Heat

Roland van Rooyen, Advisor Sustainable Development at Rotterdam City

Rotterdam City and IQGeo customer story

Key statistics



is to eliminate gas by 2050



connected to district heating



homes and businesses by 2050

Rotterdam City and IQGeo customer story

IQGeo's Comsof Heat was the solution we were looking for, more insights without losing ourselves in details.

Roland van Rooyen, Advisor Sustainable Development at Rotterdam City


Rotterdam needed to eliminate its dependency on natural gas and transition to sustainable energy sources as part of the Netherlands' ambitious climate action plan.  To achieve this, the city required a modern tool that could estimate costs, assess the space needed for district heating network connections, and provide transparent and realistic information to end-users. 


With IQGeo’s Comsof Heat software, Rotterdam gained insights into district heating network design without overwhelming details. The software utilized GIS resources for data analysis, generated reference designs, and calculated connection infrastructure costs in advance. This facilitated efficient dwelling connections and provided a clear understanding of spatial occupation and risk management, aiding in their efforts to eliminate natural gas dependency and meet climate action goals.

In August 2022, IQGeo announced the acquisition of Comsof. Read the article in full on our news page


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