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SiFi Networks

Reduces project decision times from 6-9 months to 1-3 month

Nick Whittaker, CTO, SiFi Networks

IQGeo and SiFi Networks customer case study

Key statistics

SiFi Networks and IQGeo customer story


company in North America

SiFi Networks and IQGeo customer story


builds, and operates open access fiber networks

SiFi Networks and IQGeo customer story


to cover 100 percent of a selected area

Visionstream and IQGeo customer story

With IQGeo’s Comsof Fiber, we can make a quick and accurate cost estimate, and make an informed decision about the economic viability of a project. These time savings are extremely important to us, as we need to build our business case as quickly as possible.

Nick Whittaker, CTO, SiFi Networks


SiFi Networks needed an accurate cost estimation solution for their FTTH projects, particularly focusing on civil works like trenching, which accounted for a significant portion of project costs. They attempted to develop a formula for cost estimation based on city street data but found it challenging to create a standardized formula that accounted for the unique characteristics of different areas. Manual estimation of construction distances was both time-consuming and prone to errors. Consequently, they required an automated software solution to eliminate uncertainties, save time, and reduce expenses in cost estimation. 


IQGeo’s Comsof Fiber software transformed SiFi Networks efficiency, reducing project decision times from 6-9 months to 1-3 months. The software enabled quick and accurate cost estimates, enhancing their project viability assessments. SiFi Networks was impressed by Comsof Fibers algorithms, flexibility, and the successful integration of their unique ring topology architecture. This deep understanding and technical competence showcased our ability to meet SiFi Networks network design and construction challenges. 

In August 2022, IQGeo announced the acquisition of Comsof. Read the article in full on our news page

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