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Skyline Technology Solutions

Keeping mission-critical networks up and running with 24x7x365 operations

Steve Crawford, Infrastructure Sales Engineer


Key statistics



over 6,800 miles of Fiber Infrastructure



over 2,500 Circuits



with 38% of US DOTs

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Between the customization features, level of accuracy, and the constant feedback loops… IQGeo is next level for assisting in the support of our customers.

Nick Caleo, CAD Technician, Skyline Technology Solutions


Skyline Technology Solutions works to enable transportation, government, education, public safety, and commercial organizations to connect in ways that improve their lives, enhance public safety, and create economic growth. They needed a solution that provides a high level of accuracy for fiber splice builds and repairs. 


Utilizing IQGeo software, Skyline reports that their field crews have pinpoint accuracy for knowing where to go and what to do for new splice builds as well as repairs, making both workflows more efficient. Without IQGeo, they would not be able restore and maintain their networks at such a high level. 

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Network Manager for telecom and utilities


The industry's most flexible and comprehensive geospatial solution to accelerate network planning, design and time to revenue from a single platform.  

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