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SUEZ Consulting

Reduces FTTH design time by 50% and reduces costs by 30%

Vincent Duros, Project Engineer, Suez Consulting

IQGeo and Suez Consulting customer case study

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Suez Consulting and IQGeo customer story


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Suez Consulting and IQGeo customer story


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Suez Consulting and IQGeo customer story


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Visionstream and IQGeo customer story

With IQGeo's Comsof Fiber we estimated to save half of our design time. And reduce costs by 30 percent. The result was above expectations. The software works great, and it is powerful.

Vincent Duros, Project Engineer, Suez Consulting


SUEZ Consulting faced the challenge of transitioning from manual FTTH network design for small projects to handling large-scale network designs mandated by the French government. They needed an automation tool that utilized GIS to cope with the enormity of the task. Crucially, they required a solution that they could trust and that offered excellent ongoing support. Given their expertise in GIS, they opted to find a proven existing tool rather than developing an in-house solution, recognizing that their core competence was in creating fiber network designs. 


Adopting IQGeo’s Comsof Fiber software significantly improved SUEZ Consulting's FTTH network design processes, resulting in a 50% reduction in design time and a 30% cost reduction. This efficiency allowed them to meet the complex requirements of the Grace THD standard promptly. SUEZ Consulting anticipates a promising future of growth and opportunities in fiber network design. 

In August 2022, IQGeo announced the acquisition of Comsof. Read the article in full on our news page

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