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Comprehensive geospatial view of damage information

Hideaki Miyamoto, Manager - System Management Group, TEPCO

TEPCO and IQGeo customer story

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electric utility in Japan


44 Million

Provides energy to population of 44m


4th largest

electric utility globally

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Using the IQGeo software, our crews can work much faster to understand facility conditions, streamlining their workload. As we share the IQGeo solution with other teams, I believe we will find new opportunities to work smarter and more efficiently.

Hideaki Miyamoto, Manager - System Management
Group, TEPCO


In recent years TEPCO has suffered major damage to their network caused by multiple typhoons and torrential rainstorms, so it is more important than ever to have a comprehensive, geospatial view of damage information. The existing mapping system wasn’t scalable or flexible enough and it could not support a broader area view.


Following a recent Typhoon, TEPCO used the IQGeo Platform to share location information to quickly identify blackout locations and damage. As a result, they were able to do recovery work more efficiently. And since the IQGeo view is based on google maps, it’s easy for anyone to identify locations in areas they don’t already know.

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TEPCO quickly needed a new solution that would enable them to respond efficiently and effectively to current, and future severe weather conditions that are increasingly common in the Tokyo area.

Images courtesy TEPCO Power Grid

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