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TorchLight Bioresources

Biomass district heating as a sustainable solution for decarbonizing communities

Dr. Jean Blair, Director of Planning and Outreach,  TorchLight Bioresources

IQGeo and TorchLight Bioresources customer story

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TorchLight Bioresources and IQGeo customer story


consulting firm

TorchLight Bioresources and IQGeo customer story

Nova Scotia


TorchLight Bioresources and IQGeo customer story


in 2008

Torchlight Bioresources and IQGeo customer story

IQGeo’s Comsof Heat was the right choice for our needs. It cut down the network design time by at least 80%.

Dr. Jean Blair, Director of Planning and Outreach, TorchLight Bioresources


TorchLight Bioresources aimed to address energy challenges in Nova Scotia, requiring a sustainable alternative to heating oil and propane. They needed an efficient mapping tool for a biomass district energy system feasibility study encompassing thousands of buildings. This tool had to streamline mapping, support different layouts, integrate with engineering software, and facilitate pre-feasibility studies.


The partnership with IQGeo led to remarkable outcomes. Network design time was reduced by at least 80%, enabling detailed maps and flexible project plans. Modeling scenarios and data integration saved time and expenses. Pre-feasibility studies became more realistic, helping municipalities understand district heating benefits. TorchLight Bioresources envisions broader impacts on Nova Scotia's sustainable energy, including reduced reliance on global energy markets and progress towards Canada's decarbonization goals. 

In August 2022, IQGeo announced the acquisition of Comsof. Read the article in full on our news page

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