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Field Mobility solution for fiber, cable, electric and gas network operators  

IQGeo Field Mobility is the leading solution for telecommunication, electric and gas utility companies to update network data from the field. We enable field crews and contractors to easily confirm or edit network assets from a tablet or mobile device, online or offline.

Built on the IQGeo Platform, Field Mobility gives the entire organization a single view of current network data. Whether you’re managing a fiber network or an electric grid, Field Mobility powers fast digital updates across the network lifecycle. Best of all, the solution works for any use case, from design redlines for a new fiber network in a rural area to rapid grid asset intelligence during outages.

Field Mobility capabilities for telecom and utility network operators

In recent years TEPCO has suffered major damage to their network caused by multiple typhoons and torrential rainstorms, so it is more important than ever to have a comprehensive, geospatial view of damage information. The existing mapping system wasn’t scalable or flexible enough and it could not support a broader area view. 

Integrate any GIS environment

Fully functional online or offline

Enable field crew to easily view and update GIS data

Sync online data back to the office

Eliminate paper maps and handwritten notes

Support any mobile device: iOS, Android, Windows

Enable more rapid, informed decisions

Streamline field walkouts

Confirm or edit as-builts

Enable BYOD for contractors

View real-time updates of contractor progress

Optimize asset inspections and surveys

Accelerate disaster response

Automatically sync any updates when service resumes

Field Mobility across the network lifecycle

Improve your network data – anytime, anywhere





Integrated Network

Mobile field operations across the entire network lifecycle.


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Electric utilities

Adaptive Grid 

Electric grid field updates from design to outage response.


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Gas utilities

Network Manager Gas

Comprehensive safety checks and updates from the field.


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