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Whether a large metropolitan area or rural community, the role and operation of electrical networks are undergoing dramatic change. Distributed energy generation, the deployment of smart metering and IoT technology, and the proliferation of electric vehicles requires new infrastructure and sets new service expectations. The IQGeo geospatial software has been built to help with this challenge. We provide an accurate, current geospatial network view that gives office and field teams the quality data they need to reduce construction and maintenance costs and improve operational productivity with optimized workflow processes.

Sales and marketing

Sales and marketing

Provide network asset visibility to optimize sales and marketing activities

  • Visualize existing service access across your customer base.
  • Track and visualize outage history for any account or grouping of accounts.
  • Visualize power usage integrated with your network assets.
  • Preview new network builds to improve campaign timing and efficiency.
  • Manage prosumer locations and visualize participation in market.
  • Provide network growth history overlaid with demographic maps for long-range planning.
Planning and design

Planning and design

Optimize network planning and capacity management

  • Create design and cost estimation in the field for rapid customer project sign-off.
  • Reduce in-office design time with productivity apps.
  • Integrate with CIS and EAM for a single network view accessible anywhere by all stakeholders.
  • Integrate outage history and analytics to identify poor performing feeders and assets.
  • Visualize DER's such as Solar and electric vehicles for improved long term planning.
  • Provide up-to-date network model to drive loadflow engineering apps.
  • Integrate meter data, network data, and other population data to plan EV charging station locations.


Digitize and optimize construction processes

  • Digitize walkouts to accelerate information flow.
  • Reduce construction times with better oversight on staff and contractors.
  • Digitize as-built capture for improved data quality and speed.
  • Provide construction completion reporting across company, region and projects.
  • Reduce meter installation time with automated turn on and meter association.
Operations and maintenance

Operations and maintenance

Improve operational productivity with better field to office collaboration

  • Digitize inspection capture improving data quality and reducing data capture time.
  • Integrate customer and asset history for quicker diagnosis of upstream and downstream network issues in the field.
  • Integrate with any OMS or ADMS for a single up-to-date field view of current network status to reduce restoration times.
  • Proactively manage proposed facilities so operations are aware of and can energize facilities already linked to the network model.
  • Improve vegetation management workflows reducing annual tree trimming costs and enhancing contractor performance.
  • Provide one tool to effectively use field crews and improve safety, such as inspection crews spotting vegetation issues and generating follow-up order.
  • Integrate with smart meters for improved network status visibility.
  • Integrate with ADMS and IoT devices to provides situational intelligence to field personnel, operations personnel and senior management.
Customer service

Customer service

Provide better customer service with improved network visibility

  • Enable real-time visualization of network status for improved customer and agency communication.
  • Integrate weather feeds for improved situational awareness.
  • Integrate emergency services data to capture events such as storms, fires and floods.
  • Provide real-time crew status updates to more accurately predict customer appointment times.

IQGeo customers

With over 50,000 active software users, IQGeo has an established and rapidly growing customer base with telecoms and utility companies worldwide. Hear directly from our customers about how IQGeo is helping them to accelerate productivity and collaboration across their business.

"Geospatial view of damage information"

Hideaki Miyamoto, Manager - System Management Group

NW Natural
"Reducing technical debt"

Jim Downing, CIO

"Changing the way we do business"

Ryan Moody, Fibre Planning Optimization

Central Hudson
"Doing the right thing for the customer"

Jeffrey Cito, Project Manager Operations - ECMC

"One source of truth"

Gordon Perry, Technical Director

Peninsula Light
"Creating the Digital Twin"

Amy Grice, Manager of System Engineering & Operational Technologies

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