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Fiber and 5G technologies are creating tremendous opportunities for telecoms network operators with the ability to deliver higher quality, higher margin services. To realize this full industry potential, telecoms operators are using IQGeo’s geospatial software to accelerate time-to market for new services, increase sales efficiency, and develop mobile network maintenance strategies that create happy customers to ensure long-term revenue growth.


Sales and marketing

• Optimize campaign planning and market expansion with network analytics
• Automate route estimation for near-net and off-net connection request
• Provide capacity vizualization for acurrate on-net quotes response
• Deliver comprehensive competitive analysis with historic quote repository
• Digitize wholesale circuit bid management, eliminating spreadsheets


Planning and design

• Automate greenfield and brownfield FTTH planning
• Enable assisted design with rapid data capture
• Digitize walkouts to accelerate information flow
• Optimize bid management from approval to build through project sign-off
• Provide accurate planning and design estimates with as-constructed cost



• Enable dependency tasking from permitting to QC/QA
• Digitize walkouts for field updates and accelerate information flow
• Accelerate construction with staff and contractor oversight
• Improved data quality and currency with digital as-built capture
• Deliver granular construction metric reporting


Operations and maintenance

• Automate ticket management and dissemination
• Aggregate data to provide field techs a complete in field network view
• Optimise power supply management for improved emergency response
• Vizualize alarms in the field to reduce MTTR
• Integrate PNM for rapid fault detection and isolation


Customer service

• Improve communication with a real-time view of network status
• Integrate weather feeds for improved situational awareness
• Integrate emergency services data to capture storms, fires and floods

IQGeo customers

With over 50,000 active software users, IQGeo has an established and rapidly growing customer base with telecoms and utility companies worldwide. Hear directly from our customers about how IQGeo is helping them to accelerate productivity and collaboration across their business.

"Changing the way we do business"

Ryan Moody, Fibre Planning Optimization

NW Natural
"Reducing technical debt"

Jim Downing, CIO

Central Hudson
"Doing the right thing for the customer"

Jeffrey Cito, Project Manager Operations - ECMC

"One source of truth"

Gordon Perry, Technical Director

Peninsula Light
"Creating the Digital Twin"

Amy Grice, Manager of System Engineering & Operational Technologies

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