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The challenges of grid modernization for electric utilities

Robert Sarfi, Managing Partner and Bill Boswell, CTO at Boreas Group 

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IQ industry chat with Boreas Group

This Network IQ interview with Robert Sarfi and Bill Boswell from the Boreas Group is a fascinating exploration of the grid modernization challenges facing utility operators. It’s a frank conversation about the serious state of the industry, and they offer advice on going back to basics to focus on data quality, achievable project scopes, and building a positive and engaged culture.  

As utility industry veterans that have helped electric utilities around the world, Robert and Bill’s counsel and insights are not to be missed.  

  • What’s the biggest challenge facing utilities as they transform their grids? 
  • Where do you begin? What’s the best strategic approach?
  • How should operators prioritise their investment?
  • How do you measure the difference between success and failure? 

The reality is that most utilities aren’t prepared [for grid modernization]. They don’t even know how to necessarily be prepared.

Robert Sarfi, Managing Partner at Boreas Group

Robert sarfi

Managing Partner, Boreas Group 

Bill Boswell

Chief Technology Officer, Boreas Group 


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