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The history of Comsof and the foundation of automated design software

Raf Meersman, Former CEO of Comsof and General Manager for EMEA at IQGeo 

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IQ industry chat with Raf Meersman

The Comsof team joined IQGeo as part of an acquisition in August of 2022, the company built a strong reputation by providing the industry’s leading automated design software for the fiber and utility networks. We wanted to take this opportunity to share some details on the rich history of Comsof and the benefits of the software. Topics covered in this interview with Raf meersman:

•    How and why the company was formed
•    The complexity of automated design 
•    The mathematicians and engineers behind the technology
•    What the typical fiber network design process looks like
•    The challenges fiber network operators face when they move from manual to automated design
•    Best practice advice for companies embarking on the journey from manual to automated design
•    Where the Comsof software fits within the IQGeo product suite

Raf Meersman quote on IQGeo IQ industry chat

Back in the late 90’s the telecom industry was focused a lot on the development of a backbone network. We here at Comsof switched pretty quickly, around 2004 with a full focus on fiber to the home, so, the access part of the network, and that was really because we saw that was where the big challenge for the next decade of this industry would come from.

Raf Meersman

Raf Meersman

Raf Meersma_white background-1Former CEO of Comsof and General Manager EMEA, IQGeo

Steve Tongish

Steve_Tongish_IQGeo_100x100Chief Marketing Officer, IQGeo 


Hear more from Raf Meersman on this 30-minute podcast interview with SCTE.

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