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IQ industry chat

Taking the first steps in a sustainability journey

Jeff Kavanaugh

Head of the Infosys Knowledge Institute


Corey Glickman

Partner and Head of Sustainability & Design

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IQ industry chat with Infosys

infosys_logo-1024x587The IQGeo team was very pleased to host Corey Glickman and Jeff Kavanaugh from Infosys to discuss the important topic of climate change and business sustainability. The Infosys team is a model for sustainability having begun this journey over a decade ago and Corey and Jeff have been intimately involved in the process. They are influential authorities on the imperative to create more sustainable businesses, the benefits and challenges, and how to begin the journey. 

At 25 minutes, this session is a bit longer than our typical Network IQ video interviews, but with so many insights from Jeff and Corey it’s well worth the extra investment in your time. 

Subjects covered in the interview include:
•    What is the big sustainability challenge and the imperatives we’re facing?
•    What is practical sustainability?
•    What does a practical sustainability journey look like and where can it go wrong?
•    How does an organization begin this journey?
•    How do organizations and individuals stay focused on sustainability?

Practical Sustainability – Circular commerce, smarter spaces, and happier humans
Written by Corey Glickman and Jeff Kavanaugh
Learn more about Corey and Jeff’s book

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“It comes down to people. Inspire your people. Give them reasons to lean into this. If you do that, you’ll be able to deal with all the unknowns.”

Jeff Kavanaugh, Head of the Infosys Knowledge Institute

Jeff Kavanaugh

Jeff_Kavanaugh_160x160Head of the Infosys Knowledge Institute

Corey Glickman

Corey_Glickman_160x160Partner and Head of Sustainability & Design

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The importance of geospatial data for net zero carbon emission priorities

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