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IQ industry chat

Why is data quality so important to the success of broadband and utility operators today?

David Cottingham, Chief Technology Officer, IQGeo 

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IQ industry chat with David Cottingham

The quality of fiber network and electric grid data is fundamental to the success of broadband and utility operators. In this Network IQ industry chat, IQGeo's CTO, David Cottingham explores how businesses can use high-quality network data to their advantage today, and the role of powerful emerging technologies in the future.

Key themes covered in this session:

  • Why is data quality so important to broadband and utilities operators?
  • What technical and commercial advantage can be gained with quality network data?  
  • How does exciting new technology like Machine Learning (MI) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) fit into this picture?
  • For those businesses working to improve the quality of their network data, what’s your advice on how to attack on this challenge?
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It starts with having good data because garbage in, garbage out. If you give your magical machine learning algorithm rubbish data then it isn't going to give you much out.

David Cottingham, CTO at IQGeo

David Cottingham

David_Cottingham_160x160Chief Technology Officer, IQGeo

Steve Tongish

IQGeo_Steve_Tongish_160x160_greyChief Marketing Officer, IQGeo

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