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How innovation is changing the way utilities approach vegetation management

Karim Al-Khafaji, Director of Business Development at Overstory

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IQ industry chat with Karim Al-Khafaji

Adrian McNulty interviews Karim Al-Khafaji from Overstory about the role of vegetation management to utility organizations, covering the following areas:

  • Why vegetation management is important to utilities
  • Challenges with the traditional approach to vegetation management 
  • The impact of climate change on vegetation and on the grid
  • The benefits of a data-driven approach to vegetation management 
  • How frequently you can use a satellite data approach to identify risk 
  • Measuring the ROI of satellite imagery and machine learning
  • Best practices on approaching vegetation management

Overstory provides a real-time vegetation intelligence solution that takes data and applies AI machine learning to provide a risk-based approach to vegetation management.

Karim Al-Khafaji quote on IQGeo IQ industry chat

Techniques they were using in the past just aren't really keeping pace, and I think that's made a lot of utilities focus and think about how they need to update those operations, and really take advantage of some of the digitization and data driven approaches that are permeating other parts of the utility business.

Karim Al-Khafaji

Karim Al-Khafaji

Karim_Al-Khafaji_160x160Director of Business Development, Overstory 

Adrian McNulty

Adrian McNultyVice President of Utility Solutions, IQGeo 


IQGeo and Overstory provide state-of-the-art vegetation management for new electric utility customer

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