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Democratizing access to network data and unlocking the potential of state-of-the-art digital systems

Written panel series #6

Network IQ

Welcome to the sixth installment of IQGeo’s Network IQ – written panel series.

As telecom and utility operators embrace state-of-the-art digital systems, they're creating a real-time, comprehensive overview of their networks. This opens up opportunities for field teams to enhance their decision-making speed. Conversely, while operators are building a stronger overview of their networks, there is still a great deal of information that lies exclusively within field teams.


We asked Geospatial Operations Strategist, Jordan Regenie, and IQGeo’s very own Balakumaran Manikkam Rajakkannu their thoughts on how operators at all stages of their modernization journeys can use the opportunities within their reach to get ahead.


How can operators unlock the potential of state-of-the-art digital systems while ensuring that field decisions remain in harmony with strategic business objectives?

How can we democratize access to information that lies within field teams, to ensure that the entire organization benefits from the valuable insights?

Jordan Regenie

Owner, Fractional Geospatial Operations Officer, Peace, Love, Freedom LLC


"Enhancing the efficiency of field teams’ decision-making while maintaining alignment with strategic business objectives requires technology field teams to consider indispensable extensions of themselves, akin to their service vehicles, work boots, and multitools. 

Technology earning such trust from field teams will naturally break down data silos, enabling cross functional collaboration and insight sharing across telecom and utility organizations. Achieving this vision means focusing on deploying reliable, easy to use, action-oriented technology that improves rather than impedes field op workflows.

Today, field teams must remove themselves from the physical tasks they’re ultimately responsible for performing to analyze, edit, and input data on digital devices. 

Have you ever tried to do this on a hot summer day when you’re wearing gloves or sweat drips onto the screen of your mobile device? I have. It can be incredibly difficult, frustrating, and downright distracting. 

Such clunky workflows result in data entry and/or field work delays, reducing the quality and value of data as well as the efficiency of the physical work critical to safely operating complex networks. 

Industry leaders like IQGeo have made great strides toward addressing legacy GIS platform challenges with their mobile-first, offline capable, collaborative network management solutions. Yet there’s a long way to go toward not only meeting field teams where they work, but improving how they work.

Shifting today’s cumbersome technology paradigm and improving the trust of field teams requires a reduction in the need for workflow-interrupting manual data analysis and entry. 

This can be achieved through the use of:

  • Reality capture sensors, supported by powerful spatial platforms, capable of collecting, processing, and visualizing data in real time without the need for manual data entry from field operators. 
  • Lightweight augmented and virtual reality solutions empowering field teams to visualize and interact with data within their workflows using eye, face, and hand recognition, rather than pausing to work with exposed fingers on a screen.

While these technologies currently exist in disparate components, there is work to be done to streamline design and workflow integration to produce truly operational solutions field teams will consider as extensions of themselves. 

Such action-oriented technology will not only enable field teams to make better decisions aligned with strategic objectives faster, but will break down existing barriers to data collection and dissemination, allowing departments throughout telecom and utility operators to benefit from increased field op efficiency."

Learn more about Jordan Regenie and Peace, Love, Freedom LLC

Balakumaran Manikkam Rajakkannu

Director Customer Success – Enterprise, IQGeo

Bala_MR_160x160“It’s encouraging to see how many network operators prioritize their spending and investment in cutting edge technologies to prepare themselves for the next decade. This enhances transparency across the organization by promoting business transformation and good information flow at every level.

Much thought has been given to how these new network management systems should be and how they support everyone’s roles to achieve the desired outcomes. However, often these systems were designed for office-based staff who are more connected and visible to sponsoring stakeholders. Field teams are sometimes forgotten or forced to adopt complex systems that may prove otherwise inefficient.

Introducing a ‘field-first’ strategy and thinking about the hard hats and rugged gloves is an important strategic view that every operator needs in today’s competitive market. Having access to the right tools that are much simpler to use, and the right information which is comprehensive and accessible anywhere may enable the field decisions to be more in harmony with the strategic business objectives. The field team’s adoption is crucial for the success of any strategic business program.

The field teams boast tremendous knowledge of the local community and the networks that have served these communities for decades. This tribal knowledge usually goes undocumented with the retiring workforce. A good motivator for them would be the introduction of field friendly tools which can enhance their productivity without hindering any of their assigned work. Field teams have the opportunity to thrive using digital tools and take control of the field updates, instead of relying on noting in paper prints and other team members to get those updates finalized.

Operators must begin incentivizing field teams and encouraging them to collect as much as information as possible while they are in the field. Creating a positive feedback loop where the field updates are properly integrated into mainstream systems may help establish trust and democratize this field knowledge across the organization.”

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