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The influence of software technology on attracting and engaging a new Gen Z workforce

Written panel series #5

Network IQ

Welcome to the fifth installment of IQGeo’s Network IQ – written panel series.

We all understand the critical role that state-of-the-art software technology plays in meeting digital transformation ambitions, but we wanted to understand what influence this same innovative software can have on attracting and engaging a new Gen Z workforce. We asked our experts from the geospatial, telecom and utility industries to share their insights on the role of technology in attracting and engaging a Gen Z workforce.  

“What influence does state-of-the-art software technology have on attracting and engaging a new Gen Z workforce?

Charlotte Griffiths

Marketing Executive, NetPMD

Charlotte Griffiths_160x160

"Gen Z are digital natives and come with digital demands for the workplace: NetPMD pride itself on providing the digital experience that is paramount to keeping Gen Z in the style they’re accustomed to within their personal lives. The expectation of fulfilling their role via the latest technology and apps is met by us in order to attract, and keep, the top young talent we have in our design teams.

We understand their ambitions to further develop their digital literacy with companies who utilize cutting edge technology that sits at the forefront of the industry. Tech moves quickly and they thrive on that pace – they won’t accept being left behind.

HR and employee perks should be personalized and flexible, allowing digital control and visibility 24/7 from anywhere. Our team can access all their info via apps such as Clockify and Sage HR. 

Flexibility on how and where they work is now a fundamental expectation, with the legacy office based 9-to-5 a huge obstacle to recruitment. We’re using the latest software to facilitate virtual meetings, document sharing and online training that affords Gen Z the freedom they were granted at university and helps maintain the healthy life / work balance Gen Z insists upon."

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Gary Bolton

President and CEO, Fiber Broadband Association

Gary Bolton“I was talking to my Gen Z daughter the other day and she mentioned that she used the Artificial Intelligence software tool, ChatGPT, to write thank you notes for some recent job interviews. [This had me] thinking how Gen Zs and future generations will be leveraging these amazing new software tools to significantly improve efficiency and productivity, enabling themselves to focus on more strategic initiatives. As a test, I used ChatGPT to answer [the question to this panel] and here’s the response:

State-of-the-art software technology can play a significant role in attracting and engaging a new Gen Z workforce. Gen Z, born between 1997 and 2012, is a digitally native generation that has grown up with technology and expects to use it in every aspect of their lives. Therefore, providing modern, innovative software tools can help to create an attractive and engaging workplace environment for this generation.

For instance, Gen Z is looking for workplaces that offer flexibility, freedom, and autonomy. To meet these expectations, software technology can enable remote work and virtual collaboration, allowing employees to work from anywhere and communicate effectively with their colleagues. Software tools like video conferencing, project management software, and messaging apps can help create a collaborative environment that Gen Z employees find appealing.

Moreover, Gen Z is a highly tech-savvy generation that expects to use the latest and most advanced tools in their work. Software technology can help organizations meet this expectation by providing them with state-of-the-art software that is intuitive, easy to use, and provides real-time data analysis capabilities. This can improve their job satisfaction, increase productivity, and create a more engaging and challenging work environment.

In summary, state-of-the-art software technology can play a vital role in attracting and engaging a new Gen Z workforce by providing them with the flexibility, autonomy, and advanced tools they expect in the workplace.”

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Tom Ferland

Global Head of Human Resources, IQGeo

IQGeo_Tom_Ferland_160x160_white“New technologies can be leveraged to attract and retain emerging Gen Z talent. Utilizing “culture tech” such as the larger social media platforms and virtual reality tools can showcase the company’s appeal to draw in prospective job seekers. Once onboard, career development and engagement strategies increase retention through such tools as e-learning platforms and mentorship-via-video, especially with hybrid and/or fully remote workers. 

Of course, such tech must support core company elements that Gen Z prioritizes when selecting an employer: flexible work, health and wellness programs, mental health support, and initiatives like being carbon neutral.”

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James Wheatley

Head of Product Management, IQGeo

James Wheatley_IQGeo_green_circle“Zoomers are the first generation to have grown up with the internet as being ubiquitously available and, most importantly, actually useful. Technology drives digital transformations and with Gen Zs almost lifelong exposure to technology this means they occupy a unique position within the workforce. 

Given this context, and as my role as a product manager, I’ve flipped the question around to be ‘what influence does the Gen Z workforce have on today’s software?’ That is because many utilities and telecoms operators are grappling with an aging workforce and need to attract, and retain, younger employees to run those networks in the future. 

These Gen Z workers expect, actually demand, a digital experience at work that is equal to the digital experience of their personal lives. This applies both to using and deploying software, they expect to be able to purchase, configure and use an app with no need to refer to a user manual or face a lengthy deployment schedule. As a result Generation Z are significantly influencing software vendors to ensure that the software they build for their customers delivers the digital experience that Gen Z demands, ensuring software adoption to realize their customers digital transformation objectives.”

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