IQGeo has a successful and active partner community and technology integration capability to support each customer’s unique solution and deployment strategy. The six partner and integration categories below provide an overview of the size and scope of the IQGeo ecosystem across industries, technology and geography.


Please contact us if you have questions about any of the partners or technologies included in these categories, any technology not listed, or if you are interested in becoming an IQGeo ecosystem partner.

The IQGeo partner ecosystem

Reseller and OEM partners

These partner companies work actively to market, sell and support the IQGeo software in specific geographic regions and vertical industries. Some partners retain the IQGeo product branding in their sales activities and others OEM our software using their own product line branding.


CGI works closely with IQGeo to integrate CGI’s PragmaCad Mobile Workforce Management tools with IQGeo’s mobile-first solutions to enable more efficient end-to-end work processes.

North America


I2O is a reseller and implementation partner for IQGeo in Europe with a dedicated focus on the water utility industry.


Fuji Tecom is a reseller and implementation partner for IQGeo in Japan with a dedicated focus on the utility industry.


NESIC is a system integrator in Japan that resells and implements IQGeo solutions for telecoms and utility network operators.


TIS provides consulting services in Japan for IQGeo solutions with a strong focus on the telecoms industry.


Central Service Association  is a member-owned, 82-year old cooperative that provides state-of-the-art software solutions including GIS, MDM, CIS, ERP and more to public utilities.

North America

Sis.Ter srl is an added value reseller and implementation partner for IQGeo in Italy, they provide geospatial and data visualization solutions.


Implementation and development partners

These partner companies are trained to provide IQGeo product implementation and custom development services to our joint customers. Depending on project specific requirements, these services may be provided directly to the customer or in combination with IQGeo’s own service activities.


CGI provides implementation and development support services for IQGeo solutions that have included large customer deployments.

North America


Gartrell Group provides management consulting and implementation services for IQGeo solutions on large and small customer deployments.

North America

Praece Consulting provides implementation and development support services for IQGeo solutions with a focus on small and mid-sized telecoms deployments.

North America

Geo&Web has extensive experience with the IQGeo Platform and provide integration and development services with customers in Europe and North America.

North America


Frontier GeoTek provides implementation and development support services for IQGeo solutions with a focus on small and mid-sized telecoms deployments.

North America

Cloud hosting partners

IQGeo has worked actively with these partner companies and can provide optimized hosting services to our customers deploying IQGeo software in the cloud.

Amazon - IQGeo has successfully deployed our software solutions for customers using Amazon Web Services (AWS).


Gartrell Group - Gartrell Group provides platform independent consulting and web hosting services for IQGeo solutions.

North America

Google - IQGeo has successfully deployed our software solutions for customers using Google Cloud web hosting services.


Microsoft - IQGeo has successfully deployed our software solutions for customers using Microsoft’s Azure web hosting services.


Technology partners

IQGeo works together with these partners to integrate our software with their technology or have integrated their software into our own product and application environment. These partners also include technology certifications achieved by IQGeo. We work together with some technology partners to jointly sell and support combined solutions. 

Atesio - Atesio works with IQGeo on the development of enterprise fiber planning solutions.

Fiber Planning

Microsoft - The IQGeo Platform supports Bing Maps services such as Base Maps and Search functionality for those customers that choose to use Microsoft’s map capabilities.

Bing Maps

Google - The IQGeo Platform supports Google Maps services such as Base Maps, Search and Street View functionality for those customers that choose to use Google’s map capabilities.

Google Maps

OpenStreetMap - The IQGeo Platform supports the open map data from OpenStreetMap for those customers that choose to use this map capability. Unlike Microsoft and Google maps, OpenStreetMap services support offline map access.


Oracle - IQGeo partners with Oracle Utilities to offer streamlined integration with the Oracle Field Services Cloud (OFSC) product to enable and end-to-end digital workflow for construction, maintenance, and service orders.


Salesforce - The IQGeo Platform can be integrated with the Salesforce environment to provide view of geospatial network assets within the Salesforce interface to increase process efficiency for sales, support and operations teams.

Sales / Marketing / Service

Geo&Web - Geo&Web is a long-standing IQGeo technology partner that provides co-development support in several key product areas.

IQGeo Inside

Fiber Planning

Cyber Essentials - IQGeo has successfully passed the UK government backed security scheme that protects organizations from a range of common cyber attacks. This certification is a reflection of IQGeo's commitment to business security.

Security certification

Open source software integrations

The open source model underpins the IQGeo software development philosophy and is a major differentiator when compared to many of our competitors that have a very traditional, proprietary software approach. Our current product offering includes more than 80 open source components. Below is a short list of some of the most strategic open source technology components that contribute to the IQGeo solution portfolio. 


Apache Cordova - IQGeo uses the Apache Cordova environment to enable cross-platform mobile development that provides simultaneous support for different operating systems and devices.

GeoServer - IQGeo provides optional support for the powerful, high-performance GeoServer geospatial server platform within the IQGeo Platform.

Linux - IQGeo supports open source Linux environments in addition to the Microsoft Windows operating system.

OpenLayers - OpenLayers provides a JavaScript mapping library that is a key element of the IQGeo Platform that enables rich mapping functionality. OpenLayers was first deployed on release 6.0 of the IQGeo Platform (Leaflet was used prior to the 6.0 release).

PostGIS / PostgreSQL - PostGIS and PostgreSQL provide an industry leading geospatial database management system that is used by the IQGeo Platform.

SpatiaLite / SQLite - SpatiaLite and SQLite are used as the mobile geospatial database for the IQGeo Platform.

Technology integrations

IQGeo has successfully integrated areas of our software portfolio with software and hardware technology from these companies to deliver complete solutions for our customers. Please contact us if you have questions about technology integrations that are not on this list.


Company name Product integrations
ABB Asset Suite
Arcom Digital Ingress/Egress
Arris ServAssure
Autodesk AutoCAD
Bentley Microstation
BMC Remedy
Cable Data Cable Data
Cheetah Technologies POM and Alpha transponders
Cisco SMTS
Cyclomedia Geocyclorama, Street Smart
Digimondo IoT Platform Niota
Effigis Ingress/Egress
EPE Ener-I
Esri ArcGIS, ArcFM, Esri REST Services, Esri Utility Network
Exfo NQMSfiber
GE Smallworld
Here Technologies Here Maps
Hexagon / Intergraph G/Technology Suite
IBM Maximo
Mapinfo Mapinfo
Netcracker Digital OSS, Digital BSS
Nimble This PNM Suite
Synchronoss SpatialNET
Zenner IoT Element IoT


IQGeo partner resources

All IQGeo reseller and OEM partners have access to our password protected IQGeo partner resource center. Available resources include the latest IQGeo collateral, branding materials and guidelines, and promotional program opportunities to assist with their sales and marketing activities.


IQGeo partner resources


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