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Certified fiber design partnerships

Partnering with fiber industry contractors to accelerate design and deployment

With more than 500 customers worldwide, IQGeo is building a global ecosystem that uses our fiber network solutions. The efficient and cost-effective planning and design of fiber networks is critical to these customers’ broadband lifecycle, and our Certified Partners play a key role in delivering the fiber deployment projects that drive their business. 
The two partner programs give fiber design and engineering companies a simple process to become trained and certified on IQGeo’s award-winning planning and design software, providing a valuable pool of trained fiber planning experts to fuel fiber network expansion.


Certified Design Partner

Digital design applications for small to mid-size fiber deployment projects

Partners receive a SaaS deployment of a Professional edition of IQGeo’s Network Manager Telecom software 




The software enables partners to work in the same extended customer instance in their offices and in the field. This eliminates file transfers and manual updates, increasing design speed and accelerating payment timetables for contractors. 


Certified Automated Planning & Design Partner

Automated fiber planning and design for mid-size to large fiber deployment projects

Partners receive an on-premise deployment of IQGeo’s Comsof Fiber software with QGIS application 




The software improves designer productivity, cutting design times by up to 90%, and fiber architecture design consistency enabled by automation can cut construction costs by up to 10%.  

Certified partner program overview

Software - Network Manager Telecom or Comsof Fiber user licences 
Training - Standard training and annual updates 
Technical support - Access to global support services 
Marketing promotions - Website listing, sales materials, discount on IQGeo events


Download the overview sheets to find our more about the programs

Design Partner




Automated Planning

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