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Comsof Fiber

The leading automated fiber planning and design software for telecom operators and engineering firms who want to quickly and cost-effectively scale their fiber-optic networks.  

Reduce planning and design time by up to 90%

Quickly compare multiple scenarios and architectures

Save up to 10% on overall cost to build


Automated fiber network planning and design software  

Fiber networks are growing at an unprecedented rate, forcing telecom organizations and engineering firms to act more quickly than ever. In the highly competitive world of FTTH, both operators and contractors require modern tools that deliver automation, speed, accuracy and ROI. 
For fiber network operators, the time to move is now, but legacy planning solutions rarely scale to the requirements for new deployments. You need to avoid error-prone manual processes, inconsistent and repeat designs, and the rising costs these entail. Instead, you want to quickly understand the optimal network architecture and easily compare multiple scenarios. 
Engineering design firms often find that creating multiple design scenarios is too time-consuming and not scalable for higher volumes of fiber connections. With customer demands and competition for new business, you don’t have time to learn new software, while budgetary constraints force you to deliver more work with fewer resources. You also struggle to find a tool that’s easily configurable so that you can support the network architecture and the many formats of design data for any customer. 
In August 2022, IQGeo acquired Comsof NV.





Fiber network operators

For telecom operators who want to quickly and cost-effectively scale their fiber-optic network. 

  • Automate planning and design
  • Easily compare design scenarios
  • Reduced cost to build
  • Increased productivity and efficiency
  • End-to-end digital workflows 



Engineering design firms

Helping firms deliver accurate designs more rapidly, flexibly, and with higher ROI. 

  • Automate planning and estimating
  • Save time on network designs
  • Configurable for any customer
  • Higher long-term ROI
  • A future-proof investment

Automate fiber planning and estimating

Your engineers can quickly compare area costs, scenarios, and architectures to understand the best returns for network designs.

Save time on network designs

Comsof Fiber’s automation and optimization algorithms reduce the end-to-end planning and design process by up to 90%. 

Reduce the cost to build

Comsof Fiber’s optimization eliminates costly design choices and optimizes existing infrastructure to lower the total build cost by up to 10%. 

Higher long-term ROI

The user-friendly software helps your team transition quickly from manual processes to automated ones, empowering engineers to design for exponentially more homes in less time.

A future-proof investment

Comsof Fiber includes workflow templates that enable new engineers to repeat processes and easily make changes to design outputs, both today and in the future.

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