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Comsof Heat

Reach Net Zero faster with automated planning and design software for district energy networks.

Easily create accurate, real-life feasibility studies

Discover optimal regions to target for district heating

Quickly generate accurate budget forecasts with BOM

Automated planning and design software for district energy networks

As decarbonization efforts accelerate around the world, municipalities and engineering firms who provide district energy heating and cooling services must act more quickly than ever on their energy transition plans. Unfortunately, these organizations face an array of challenges. While their engineers possess the necessary skill and domain knowledge, they’re often burdened with legacy processes that involve paper maps and spreadsheets. These tools naturally entail manual work that is slow, inaccurate, labor-intensive and not scalable to large areas. Even when they have dynamic spreadsheets and geospatial tools, these digital tools are usually siloed between departments, so processes are still time-consuming and prone to errors.

So how do local authorities make high-profile investment decisions on major district energy solutions? With Comsof Heat’s proven district energy planning and design concepts. The Comsof Heat software provides an integrated, accelerated approach for district energy network designers. With our advanced algorithms, you can visualize a new district heating network, compare scenarios, project a rollout timeline, and even generate a bill of materials, helping you build the strongest possible business case. Discover how to create more valuable modeling, from a comprehensive overview of all pipe system lengths to network deployment costs, and from roll-out stages to defining different heat tariffs to calculate return on investment. Comsof Heat can help cities and engineering firms generate a financial projection of district energy heating and cooling projects for decades to come.



Configurable for all technical network parameters

With an easy-to-use configuration step, you can specify all technical network parameters: supply and return temperatures, pressure setting, pipe system parameters, thermal storage parameters, and much more to design district heating, district cooling, and combined networks.

Identify detailed insights with a comprehensive bill of materials

Comsof Heat generates a detailed bill of materials with the total network deployment cost and an investment analysis sheet, which can easily be shared with finance teams and project developers.

Provide digital map visualization for large areas across the grid

Input data such as GIS data, location of the energy sources, and the energy consumption data, and then let Comsof Heat’s smart algorithms and wide range of rules help you quickly visualize multiple scenarios to discover optimal opportunities.

Deliver costed network deployments over multiple project phases

Investments and network rollout can be spread over multiple years, giving you an airtight feasibility study and a plan ready to move into the detailed design phase.

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Our district heating and cooling network planning and design software empowers you to rapidly plan and create cost-effective networks to reach Net Zero goals faster.

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