Construction Manager

Take control of your construction program by giving your staff and contractors the tools to get the job done right the first time.

Construction Manager
Construction Manager

Construction Manager™ controls construction projects from end-to-end, and keeps all stakeholders informed of project progress and ticket status, available on any mobile device. Project managers assign tickets to crews, and crews record ticket progress and status on their mobile device. You can now identify tickets putting timeline and budget at risk.

As-built capture

Accelerates and improves quality of as-built network information collection and sharing on mobile devices as work happens at the site.

Construction program map

Construction program map: gives planners and project managers visibility of current and future projects in their project vicinity, so they can coordinate plans and resources.

Contractor manager

Contractor manager: controls data available to contractors, helps reconcile invoices with actual work performed.

Project dashboard

Project dashboard: gives all stakeholders instant visibility in to summary project progress, estimated completion date and issues so projects can be kept on schedule and budget.

Consumer demand and competitive pressures are driving communication service providers to undertake huge next generation access network construction programs. Copper lines are being replaced with fiber; HFC networks are being upgraded to remove all amplifiers from the coax plant and mobile providers are densifying their networks with small cell deployments. Construction teams and contractors are trying to manage these complex projects involving huge capital investments with paper and spreadsheets, leading to construction timelines and budgets being consistently blown. 

• Accelerate construction project timelines and time-to-market
• Reduce construction program costs
• Reduce re-work and go-backs


Next generation geospatial platform

Next generation geospatial platform accelerates productivity and collaboration

IQGeo announced a transformative next generation end-to-end Geospatial platform. Based on our industry proven myWorld platform, the new platform goes far beyond traditional GIS solutions, delivering a step-change in productivity and collaboration for telecom and utility network operations. Download the latest information sheet and sign up to be kept informed on the latest news on this exciting technology.