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myWorld Damage Assessment

Electric utilities are challenged by geographic distances, changing regulations, legacy systems and processes, increasing technological network complexity and the natural environment in their mission to deliver a reliable service to increasingly educated consumers. When storms or emergencies hit they need to restore power as safely, quickly and predictably as practically possible.

myWorld Damage Assessment™ is a flexible software platform that enables utilities operations teams to drive efficiencies throughout the damage assessment process during storms or emergency events. It dramatically improves overall field communication as well as the speed and quality of information collection, which has a direct positive impact on predictable restoration time and SAIDI and CAIDI performance.

myWorld Damage Assessment automates the collection and aggregation of damage information after a storm or emergency event, and provides real-time situational awareness for everyone in the organisation, enabling improved decision making and faster restoration of service. Damage assessors in the field can record damage information on any mobile device. A network connection is not required to run the mobile application, but whenever a wireless network connection is available, damage assessment information is immediately uploaded to a central server, providing up to the minute information on total damage and percentage complete of current assessment operations. myWorld Damage Assessment integrates with your GIS, to provide detailed facility maps to the assessors in the field, whether they are working online or offline. 

  • Speed and accuracy of damage information collection is much greater than with traditional mechanisms – can save hours in getting a good picture
  • Improved situational awareness enables better and faster decision making in regard to where to deploy resources for restoration, and in particular whether mutual aid resources are needed
  • Improves SAIDI and CAIDI numbers by reducing restoration times

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Ubisense myWorld Damage Assessment for Electric Utilities

Next generation geospatial platform accelerates productivity and collaboration

Next generation geospatial platform accelerates productivity and collaboration

IQGeo announced a transformative next generation end-to-end Geospatial platform. Based on our industry proven myWorld platform, the new platform goes far beyond traditional GIS solutions, delivering a step-change in productivity and collaboration for telecom and utility network operations. Download the latest information sheet and sign up to be kept informed on the latest news on this exciting technology.


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IQGeo has been a great partner and we're very happy with the support that they’ve given us.

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Our customers depend on a reliable source of electricity, and we have to be prepared for outages caused by storms or other emergency scenarios. myWorld Damage Assessment helps to empower our employees in the office and the field to better communicate and share information in near real-time. With this technology we will have increased visibility about damaged areas and infrastructure to make swift, informed decisions that will help streamline the restoration processes. 

Russ Atkins, senior vice president of engineering at Northern Indiana Public Service Company (NIPSCO), a subsidiary of NiSource Inc.

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