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Inspection & Survey

Power the industry’s most efficient inspections and surveys by digitizing every step of your work order and monitoring progress from a single dashboard.

Digitally update asset conditions within seconds

Automatically detect assets as field crews approach them

Share a single dashboard across the organization

IQGeo’s Inspection & SurveyTM application provides a flexible mobile interface for field inspection teams that ensures inspections are completed more quickly and accurately. IQGeo gives you the tools and templates to assess any asset type, from pole inspections to leak surveys. Field crews rapidly adopt the easy-to-use interface and highly efficient inspection workflow. The Inspection & Survey app also delivers a single dashboard, shareable across the organization, to view work orders, compliance warnings, and real-time field updates. 

For gas utilities, easy-to-generate and customize reports demonstrate compliance
with regulations, including GPS breadcrumb trail for automated corroboration. Standard reports include a compliance report, an activity report, progress report and a leak report.

Electric utilities can easily create inspection survey orders based on asset type. You can also define a “quick inspect” versus a detailed form inspection for each asset type. Your field workers will always have clearly defined rules and processes to follow.



Configure inspection forms

Create new forms and add whatever questions the inspection requires. For example, a pole
inspection may require the question, “Crossarm rotten? Yes/No.” Your organization can configure the interface for current assets and
easily add future ones.

Advanced field mobile productivity

Designed for mobile devices with an online and offline capability. The app generates high-quality inspection data, including smart pre-populated forms to simplify the user interface.
The software also makes full use of mobile device capabilities such as barcode scanning, GPS location, photo capture and more.

Supervisor dashboard

Supervisors can optimize schedules for inspectors to maximize team productivity, as well as view real-time progress to more effectively manage field teams and contractors.

Define inspections by asset type

Field users can easily and flexibly select inspection type options while in the field, including leaks, atmospheric corrosion, breadcrumbs and other inspectable items.

Regulated network operators have a huge investment in geographically dispersed assets that require regular inspection for maximum network reliability, safety and regulatory compliance. In addition, you face the challenge of aging infrastructure, greater network complexity and increasing environmental impact. IQGeo’s Inspection & Survey software is helping operators meet these challenges with a well-structured and documented, mobile inspection process. Easily configured to meet your specific network environment and regulatory reporting obligations, Inspection & Survey reduces your operational and financial risks while also extending asset life and profitability.

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