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IQGeo in the cloud

The IQGeo Platform is cloud enabled. Take advantage of all the benefits of cloud hosting with a deployment on AWS, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud or your own internal cloud.

IT infrastructure flexibility

Financial and resource efficiency

Rigorous security and SLAs

Cloud hosting of critical system infrastructure is a desirable deployment option for many organizations. It provides the ability to scale IT resources up and down with demand, reduce capital and operational costs and support rigorous compliance, security and resilience standards. The IQGeo Platform is built using modern web technologies that enables flexible cloud hosting and the benefits it can bring to your business.



IT infrastructure flexibility

Dynamically increase IT infrastructure capacity to meet normal traffic spikes and abnormal disaster scenarios without maintaining idle resources during periods of lower demand.

Financial and resource efficiency

Eliminate the need for upfront capital investment in expensive physical server hardware that would normally require a large IT team with specialized skills.

Enterprise security

Provide SLAs for enterprise security standards that meet system security, high availability, uptime and geographic redundancy requirements.

Operational resilience

Implement active backup and disaster recovery strategies to prevent data loss and mitigate expensive and disruptive business process interruption.

If you decide that cloud hosting of your critical geospatial software systems is a priority for your business, the IQGeo Platform can support this strategic decision. Our flexible modern architecture is cloud independent and can be deployed on all the major hosting operators, as well as more specialized internally hosted configurations. Our team of implementation specialists will work with you to develop a deployment plan that meets your security and performance requirements in line with industry best practice.

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