myWorld for Salesforce

myWorld for Salesforce™ is the leading choice for Salesforce customers to unlock the hidden value of their network information to increase sales win rates, improve customer satisfaction and drive engineering productivity.

myWorld for Salesforce

Many communications and utility companies use Salesforce extensively in their sales and customer service operations, and increasingly this is extending into network operations. These solutions have been very successful but lack embedded integration with network asset connectivity, location and real-time status information. This leads to delays, mistakes and poor customer service as backlogs of tasks and information requests mount up on the engineering department, taking their focus away from building new revenue generating network. 

myWorld for Salesforce is now available on AppExchange


Flexible map component

For Salesforce Lightning, Classic and Salesforce Mobile App, administrators can easily embed myWorld views in to existing or new Salesforce pages and developers can extend the solution using APIs.


Sales, customer service and operations can access their myWorld inventory map in the field on their smartphone or tablet using the Salesforce Mobile App

Operations inventory map

Customer service and operations have interactive maps of the network location and equipment status data they need to immediately diagnose and resolve customer issues – all built in to the Salesforce workflows they use every day

Sales serviceability map

Delivers interactive maps of the network inventory, capacity and other serviceability information required to make fast, accurate quotes for prospects – all embedded in the Salesforce workflows they use every day

myWorld for Salesforce gives sales, customer service and operations staff self-service access to the accurate and reliable network engineering, capacity and serviceability information they need to effectively sell to and service customers, allowing engineering to focus on building new projects. Context-aware myWorld maps are built in to the Salesforce workflows and screens that these departments use every day.

Business value:

  • Increased sales win rates
  • Faster, more accurate quotes
  • Improved customer satisfaction
  • Faster customer response times
  • Increased engineering productivity
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