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Network Manager Telecom

The foundation for IQGeo’s Integrated Network, Network Manager Telecom is the industry’s most flexible fiber and coaxial network management software to accelerate planning, design, construction, and operations. 

Flexibly model any network asset with an accurate digital twin 

Accelerate digital transformation for every workflow 

Improve data accuracy, from the office to the field 


Fiber optic and coaxial network management software

As telecom network operators work to deliver modern fiber and cable broadband networks, you face increasingly complex and dense systems. Rolling out a modern fiber network or optimizing a coaxial network demands speed and agility, something traditional Geographic Information Systems (GIS) simply can’t deliver.  

IQGeo Network Manager TelecomTM is a game-changing network model management solution that is optimized for telecom network operators and the new challenges you face, from growing complexity to expansion into rural communities. Network Manager Telecom provides the industry’s most agile and open fiber optic network management software, accelerating planning and design while supporting the entire network lifecycle through construction and maintenance operations. For cable companies, our software delivers the most accurate network inventory and the ability to optimize and monetize your existing assets.

We offer Network Manager Telecom in three editions to meet the needs of any operator, regardless of size or complexity. Visit our editions overview page to find out which edition is right for you.

Editions overview >>>

Network Manager Telecom editions


A cost-effective, packaged fiber network management solution.
Example profiles: Municipalities, educational and corporate campuses, transit authorities, utilities.
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A configurable fiber network management solution. 
Example profiles: Commercial broadband and fiber network operators, DOTs / Intelligent Transportation Systems.
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A customizable hybrid network management solution. 
Examples profiles: Broadband and cable network operators.
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Watch the feature videos to see Network Manager Telecom in action.




Network management for every operator

Network Manager Telecom is the industry’s leading network management software for everyone from small private networks to national telecom operators, offering the flexibility to meet the size and complexity of any network.

Support across the network lifecycle

With a fully integrated architecture, Network Manager Telecom connects end-to-end workflows and applications to streamline and optimize every network process.

Industry-best workflows and templates

Our rapidly deployable solution and easy-to-use interface empower every team to execute work according to leading industry standards – without changing your network model.

Best-in-class mobility

Network Manager Telecom enables field teams to document and manage data online or offline, more powerfully and flexibly than other solutions, ensuring accurate, up-to-date data.

Scalability for the future

As your network architecture, IT systems, and number of users and business objectives evolve, our scalable solution can model future network architectures, operational requirements, business needs, and data sources to continuously enhance your network.

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IQGeo Network Manager Telecom product sheet

Network Manager Telecom product sheet

IQGeo Network Manager Telecom resources

Fiber operators can start fast and easily scale up with new IQGeo software editions

IQGeo Network Manager Telecom feature videos

Watch the feature videos to see Network Manager Telecom in action

Streamlining broadband operations through the power of integration

Streamlining broadband operations through the power of integration

IQGeo customers

With over 100,000 active software users, IQGeo has an established and rapidly growing customer base with fiber, telecom and utility companies worldwide. Hear directly from our customers about how IQGeo is helping them to build better networks.

"Meeting fiber deployment KPI's"

Craig Krammes, Director for IT Engineering Systems

"Geospatial view of damage information"

Hideaki Miyamoto, Manager - System Management Group

"Changing the way we do business"

Ryan Moody, Fibre Planning Optimization

NW Natural
"Reducing technical debt"

Jim Downing, CIO

Central Hudson
"Doing the right thing for the customer"

Jeffrey Cito, Project Manager Operations - ECMC

Peninsula Light
"Creating the Digital Twin"

Amy Grice, Manager of System Engineering & Operational Technologies

IQGeo customer stories
"Transforming businesses"

Telecommunications and utility network operators, watch more videos

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Network Manager Telecom - Editions

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When you choose Network Manager Telecom, you can support your entire network lifecycle, leverage best-in-class mobility, and easily adapt for future expansions and requirements.


Discover which edition is the perfect fit for you!


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