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Network Manager Telecom - Enterprise edition

Key features and capabilities for the Enterprise edition of Network Manager Telecom.

The Enterprise edition of Network Manager Telecom includes everything within Professional, and also enables the extension of APIs to account for the greater number of systems, processes, and user requirements found in large-scale network deployments. The Enterprise edition allows operators to develop customized software to meet advanced workflow and integration requirements. 

The Enterprise edition is designed for fiber, copper, and HFC networks. This edition is intended for enterprise-scale broadband, MSO, and cable operators who want to extend the solution to support additional innovative workflows that require integration that can only be met with custom software development, due to the complex and specialized nature of their existing systems and processes.

Enterprise edition - Key benefits

 The most comprehensive enterprise-scale fiber network management
 Fully customizable for advanced workflow and process requirements 
 Integrate virtually any data stream and digital resource 
 All-media network management – fiber, copper, and HFC 
 Single solution across the network lifecycle 
 Ability to add additional Integrated Network applications 

Advanced field design with a user-friendly interface

Comprehensive network topography and asset hierarchy 

Network Manager Telecom is the industry’s most flexible and comprehensive software to accelerate planning, design, construction, operations and time to revenue. To see all the capabilities and features of the Enterprise edition, please see our editions matrix and Frequently Asked Questions.

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