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Network Manager Telecom - Insight edition

Key features and capabilities for the Insight edition of Network Manager Telecom.

Fiber optic network management software

The Insight edition of Network Manager Telecom gives you a single, geospatially based, fiber management solution that enables you to document, update, and share network asset data across the organization at a cost-effective price point. The Insight edition is designed for fiber networks and is best suited for municipalities, educational and corporate campuses, transit authorities, and utilities.

Insight edition - Key benefits

 A packaged solution based on industry best practices 
 Deploy within hours instead of days 
 No need for an IT team to start running the solution 
 Accurately document your network now and into the future 

Easily view fiber network assets

Easily view detailed fiber network assets, such as splice trays.

Network trace tools

The Insight edition gives you access to network trace tools.

Splice tools

With the splice connectivity tool, a field user can view a backbone cable connected to a riser cable, and the available fibers could be connected/spliced to each other if necessary. 

Schematic view of objects

A schematic of a manhole shows a clear view of the connections between the cables that enter and exit the manhole. 

Access splice reports on mobile device

Access a Splice Report on a mobile device to see the splicing from a backbone cable to a drop cable. 

Overly network objects in Google Street view

Within the Insight edition, Google Street View can include an overlay of Network Manager objects such as manholes and routes.  

Network Manager Telecom is the industry’s most flexible and comprehensive software to accelerate planning, design, construction, operations and time to revenue. To see all the capabilities and features of the Insight edition, please see our editions matrix and Frequently Asked Questions.

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