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Network Manager Telecom - Professional edition

Key features and capabilities for the Professional edition of Network Manager Telecom.


The Professional edition of Network Manager Telecom delivers the same fiber management solution and fast deployment as the Insight edition, but also provides the ability to configure the product, such as creating new network model features and workflow forms. The Professional edition is configurable, without the need for software programming. It was designed for fiber networks and is best suited for operators whose networks are broader in scope and want to build and define digital processes to deploy and manage their networks without code development, such as, commercial broadband and fiber network operators, DOTs / Intelligent Transportation Systems

Professional edition - Key benefits

 Expanded fiber network management 
 Configurable, code-free solution 
 Enables you to build network-centric digital workflows 
 Single solution across the network lifecycle 
 Ability to add additional Integrated Lifecycle applications 

Simply define start and end points for Path Finder to optimize designs.

Configurable workflows include the Path Finder tool for new designs.

View and update network designs from the field. 

Network Manager Telecom is the industry’s most flexible and comprehensive software to accelerate planning, design, construction, operations and time to revenue. To see all the capabilities and features of the professional edition, please see our editions matrix and Frequently Asked Questions.

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