Route Optimizer

Systematically convert your high volume of commercial business enquiries in to profitable projects and happy customers.

myWorld Route Optimizer automatically produces several alternate construction routes
Route Optimizer™ automatically produces several alternate construction routes to connect a commercial premises

For Communications Service Providers (CSPs), competition for commercial customers is fierce, and the sheer volume of enquiries can be overwhelming. The time and cost to evaluate and estimate sales opportunities is a growing challenge for sales and engineering. It can take weeks to get a construction estimate for a quote to a prospect, by which time they have probably already signed a contract with your competitor. The time pressure to respond to these enquiries means many easy opportunities to pick up additional profitable customers with smarter construction routing are missed. All this adds up to poor sales opportunity conversion rates, missed revenue targets and lower profitability.

myWorld Route Optimizer™ automatically produces several alternate construction routes to connect a commercial premises, including cost estimates, revenue potential and ROI , enabling providers to compare returns on these routes.  These designs can be interactively modified to take advantage of human knowledge.

Why myWorld Route Optimizer?

  • Automates construction estimates in seconds using smart network optimization
  • Delivers additional market potential options to maximize revenue opportunity
  • Optimization includes multiple overlapping cost polygons, route blockers, capacity management and existing physical infrastructure
  • Designs can be interactively modified and re-run to take advantage of human knowledge
  • Salesforce ready. The whole workflow can be embedded directly in to your Salesforce org to accelerate adoption and benefits realization.


  • Increase commercial sales win rates
  • Generate more sales
  • Reduce time and cost of producing estimates
  • Increase accuracy of construction estimates
  • Increase profitability of commercial construction projects
  • Increase customer satisfaction (NPS)


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