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Rapid FTTH Cost Study

Quickly and accurately determine the cost of your FTTH network deployment

High-level fiber network plan

Compare multiple network architectures

Cost estimations within days

IQGeo’s Rapid FTTH Cost Study is the fiber industry’s first solution to give North American fiber operators the benefits of enterprise-level automated design software, without having to run the calculations yourself. The service leverages IQGeo’s Comsof Fiber automated design software – used to plan for more than 100 million homes worldwide – to quickly generate an accurate high-level plan and cost estimate for your FTTH project. Your estimate includes a GIS high-level plan and a detailed Bill of Materials (BOM).

Key capabilities and use cases

  • Up to 10K home designs completed cost effectively in less than a week  
  • Delivered with a detailed BOM  
  • Run for multiple different network architectures  
  • Output can be delivered in Shape file and other formats
  • Automatically imported into Network Manager Telecom or OSPInsight 

Design for smaller projects

A cost-effective solution to design your smaller fiber-to-the-home projects. Our service is tailor-made for deployments with less than 10k homes, guaranteeing you an optimized fiber network plan that ensures cost-effective fiber deployment.

A business case for new fiber builds

With accurate cost estimations, lightning-fast analysis, and resource optimization all wrapped up in an affordable package, we'll help you create a rock-solid business case that sets you up for success.

Securing grant opportunities

Since grant opportunities can be highly competitive, our service is designed to give you the upper hand. By providing well-founded business cases that include existing assets and crucial cost drivers, we can significantly boost your chances of securing funding.

Whether you are a smaller organization with resource constraints, or one with limited outside plant knowledge, the Rapid FTTH Cost Study is a new IQGeo service to streamline your planning and design process. It enables you to understand your project ROI, minimizes the risks of human error, and helps you build the strongest business case for your FTTH project. 

Ready to talk to us?

Rapid FTTH Cost Study is currently only available for North American fiber operators. Not in North America but interested in this offering? Contact us to discuss what is possible. 

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Craig Krammes, Director for IT Engineering Systems

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Ryan Moody, Fibre Planning Optimization

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