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Electric grid outage response

Deliver better situational awareness and drive efficiency with a single, trusted view of your network.

Improve network visibility and situational awareness for faster response times

Adaptive Grid revolutionizes network management by significantly reducing system downtime through its seamless integration of weather and outage data with service teams. Its integration capabilities effortlessly combines operational technology (OT) and information technology (IT) data from existing systems, creating a single, reliable view of your network. This comprehensive view enables service teams to quickly identify and address potential issues, empowering service teams to make fast and informed operational decisions throughout the entire network lifecycle.

Adaptive Grid provides a unified view of your electric grid, ensuring a reliable network service with minimal downtime and in-turn, better customer service. 

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Electric grid outage response capabilities:

  • Real-time visualization of network status for improved customer communication
  • Integrated weather feeds for improved situational awareness
  • Integrated emergency services data to capture events such as storms, fires and floods
  • Real-time crew status updates to more accurately predict customer appointment times 

IQGeo Adaptive Grid

The network model management software that provides a game-changing approach to managing the entire lifecycle of the electric grid, from design and construction to inspections and outage management. 


IQGeo EMEA Meetup

June 3-4, 2024 | Cambridge, UK

Returning for its third year, the Meetup offers a valuable platform for industry professionals to participate in discussions on current trends, challenges and share best practices. 


The two-day program is specifically designed to equip fiber, telecom, and utility network operators with the essential tools and strategies needed to plan, build and maintain the networks of tomorrow.

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