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Construction management for fiber networks

Combine digital ticket automation with geospatial network intelligence to deliver faster, more accurate, and flexible projects.

Optimize your fiber network construction processes 

IQGeo Integrated Network is the only telecom solution to combine digital ticket automation with geospatial network intelligence to deliver faster, more accurate and more flexible projects. We give your teams a single platform for end-to-end, real-time views of project progress. 

For project management, our software eliminates multiple project trackers and spreadsheets, streamlines tasks, auto-tracks progress, and integrates with your invoicing system.  

During your fiber network builds, we automate and optimize the ticketing process to accelerate construction timelines.  We digitalize every part of the fiber construction management process, from design transition to easy field updates to quick adjustments on open tickets.  

Optimize your fiber construction processes


Construction management

  • Add geospatial network intelligence to ticketing information so that field workers know the ticket location in advance 
  • Automatically track ticket hours, shift times, and construction progress such as percent complete 
  • Incorporate material costs and data overlays into every ticket
  • Automate construction task creation and assignment 
  • Integrate with any ticketing system 
  • Document milestone checklist, test results, and construction changes 
  • Give field crews and contractors the exact locations of trenches, conduits, cables, splices, access points and more 
  • Filter progress on active tickets using a range of criteria such as status, contractor or geographic area 
  • Quickly identify critical issues and proactively troubleshoots downstream scheduling or project timeline consequences  

Project management

  • Provide an overview of end-to-end, real-time project progress 
  • Offer a single system for owners and vendors 
  • Enable your teams to configure vendors for multiple projects 
  • Eliminate manual inputs with a template-based WBS 
  • Automate materials ordering with vendors 
  • Easy task assignment and handoffs for contractors 
  • Deliver quick, user-friendly views of start and end times to understand potential delays 
  • Automate the invoice and approval process 
  • Streamline payments with a single system for contractors 
  • Integrate with systems such as MS Dynamex and SAP  

IQGeo Integrated Network

 The telecom industry’s only single solution that enables operators to deploy and operate their networks with speed, efficiency and precision across the entire lifecycle. 

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