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Fiber network operations & maintenance

Enhance the efficiency of your fiber network with live visualization of network data in real-time. Deliver improvements in productivity, response times, and customer service.

Improve fiber network operations and maintenance with digitalization

IQGeo Integrated Network gives you real-time data about your network and assignments, delivering significant improvements in productivity, response times and customer service. Every team, from operations and engineering to sales and support, can view all the information they need, when and where they need it. 

Fiber network operations and maintenance software


Operations and maintenance capabilities

  • Single view of network, incidents, team locations and equipment status
  • Digitizing inspection capture to improve efficiency 
  • Accelerating problem diagnosis with mobile field apps 
  • Proactively managing assets and facilities 
  • Manage field techs and assignments 
  • Predictive network monitoring to anticipate outages

IQGeo Integrated Network

 The telecom industry’s only single solution that enables operators to deploy and operate their networks with speed, efficiency and precision across the entire lifecycle. 

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Network Manager Telecom - Editions

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When you choose Network Manager Telecom, you can support your entire network lifecycle, leverage best-in-class mobility, and easily adapt for future expansions and requirements.


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