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Fiber network planning & design

Automate your fiber planning and design process and reduce your end-to-end planning time by up to 90%.

Automate your fiber optic planning and design process

IQGeo Integrated Network offers the leading software for accelerating the fiber network planning and design process, helping you consistently deliver new network designs on time and under budget. The advanced algorithms, seamless integrations, and ability to easily confirm designs from the field have helped ensure accurate, timely, and cost-effective networks for more than 100 million premises. 

Planners and designers can use Integrated Network to reduce the end-to-end planning and design process by up to 90% and reduce design time by up to 10%.

IQGeo fiber planning and design


Fiber planning and design capabilities

  • Quickly compare area costs, scenarios, and architectures to understand the best returns for network designs 
  • Get an accurate cost estimate by configuring network architecture, time and materials
  • Control designs through extensive user-configurable rules
  • Create multiple designs quickly and accurately
  • Compare infinite scenarios
  • Deliver design control and uniformity 
  • Create “constructible” designs 
  • Optimize cable routing and equipment usage to minimize build costs
  • Find the optimal combination of new and existing infrastructure  
  • Lower costs by reusing existing infrastructure such as poles, ducts, cables, manholes
  • Compare scenarios and get accurate cost estimates
  • Reduced cost variations between design and build
  • Reduce design corrections once in build stage 

IQGeo Integrated Network

The telecom industry’s only single solution that enables operators to deploy and operate their networks with speed, efficiency and precision across the entire lifecycle. 

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